With over 15 years experience managing nature reserves, I offer advice, support and practical solutions for a range of wildlife habitats and spaces. Whether you have a mini meadow in your garden or are part of a larger group looking to enhance areas for wildlife, please feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs. 

My focus is on lowland habitats and features, for example:

  • Hay and wildflower meadows
  • Calcareous grasslands and heathland
  • Reedbeds and wetlands
  • Woodlands, hedgerows and scrub
  • Orchards

Practical services

Scything – this service is not only for meadows but for rougher vegetation too, eg. bracken, nettles, thistles, reeds; all areas considered, large or small.

Other countryside skills – these include apple tree pruning, coppicing, hedgelaying and tree planting.

Consultancy services

Overview of options:

  • Assessment of condition and potential of land
  • Mowing timings and recommendations
  • Grazing and animal management
  • Orchard creation or restoration
  • Woodland, scrub and hedge management
  • Maximising microhabitats
  • Site management plans
  • Funding bids
  • Monitoring and recording

To discuss your requirements, please use the Contact page to get in touch.

Wood mouse Apodemus sylvaticus
Wood mouse Apodemus sylvaticus