The scythe, with its outstanding green credentials and health benefits for both body and mind, is a highly efficient tool and is regarded as the appropriate technology for a wide variety of situations, from hay meadows to reedbeds, and community orchards to gardens. In addition, the scythe is an extremely cost effective tool. Once set up with the basic kit no further outlay is required, and maintenance is simple and enjoyable. It is truly the tool for our times.

I provide training in the use, maintenance and joy of the Austrian scythe. I am a dedicated environmentalist, and have spent much of my working life employed within the wildlife and conservation movement. I have been involved with a variety of organisations and individuals, including charities, councils, local voluntary groups and smallholders. I teach because I am passionate about everyone getting a good initial experience with scything.

I also offer a variety of land and grazing management advice and services for a range of habitats. This includes a scything service if you would prefer me to do the mowing.

Whilst I mainly offer my services in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties, I also travel further afield on request. More details about my training can be found on the Courses page; and for further details on my other services, please visit the Services page.

If you have not yet discovered the Scythe Association of Britain and Ireland, do also visit their website. They promote and encourage scything, and are a fantastic resource for information, training, articles, events and connecting with others.

You may also enjoy my most recent article on scything, published by the Countryside Jobs Service.

Nicole Clough, The Joy of Scything

With thanks to Elene Walton for the header image, taken at Cuxham, Oxfordshire during a group evening of scything.

Nicole with scythe
Nicole scything © Leigh Tyrer